Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why Do Adult Children of Divorce Blog?

Adult Children of Divorce blog or follow a blog for many reasons.  And most of you reading this probably know what a blog is, but those of you who don't,  it is a informal site that is a web log of sorts.
A blog is an online journal which is updated with words of knowledge and experience for the world to read and respond to.  Blogs offer comment areas where readers can interact with the writer of the blog and with others who are reading the blog. A blog is a great tool for many topics, and it is a helpful resource for Adult Children of Divorce, no matter which stage we find ourselves in!!!

After several months of digesting the news of my parents'  divorce after 45 years of marriage, I looked for help in any form as I sorted through so many emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental issues.  Books , and websites were few, although the ability to read about what I was going through was a tremendous lifeline.  A Divorce Care support group and the visits with a professional counselor joined the list of helpful , if not crucial players in getting me where I am today.

If you have googled " Adult Children of Divorce Blog" today ...I think you have come to a good place.  A blog will never replace the significant counsel a professional can give when they hear the specific details of your situation, but a blog can help in many ways.

A blog can help you learn.    You may be feeling guilty about not seeing this coming.  You may be feeling anger that you never knew you could feel. You may not know how to talk to one of your parents now, since all the dynamics have changed.    This blog and others can help you learn how others have responded to guilt, anger and new roles.    You can learn.

A blog can help you think.   You may not have thought about how you will handle the emotions or scheduling that comes with new holiday routines.   You may not have thought about what your reaction would be to visiting your parents home , when one of them is not there anymore.
You may be thinking alot about God, and forgiveness and how your faith can be reconciled and lived out in these circumstances.  You can think.

A blog can help you feel support.   You may be 20 or you may be 50 ( as one of my readers is) and you probably don't know alot of people in your shoes.  You feel other people's pain and loss.  You also can feel other people's adjustments and hope.  You can feel a positive outlook for the future, while experiencing present grief.   You can be supported.

Adult Children of Divorce blog, or read blogs for many reasons.  I have been helped and encouraged by the blogs I have read.  That is why I began blogging.  I love to hear from readers via the comments section of posts or via email.  Let me know what you have learned and what you think and how you feel support.   We all would like to know!!!   

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