Saturday, October 12, 2013

Serenity Everydays

The word Serenity caught my eye.  A new online site is committed to helping us achieve a little peace in our busy , challenging lives.  The quote below is what I read just a few minutes ago:

"For many of us, weekdays mean being stressed, overworked and constantly connected, with little time for pause or reflection. When the weekend comes around, it can be difficult to de-stress, slow down and unplug. What we need is an oasis of well-being, wisdom and wonder. Enter Serenity Saturdays......"       The site encouraged people to send in photos of them relaxing, enjoying and taking time for enjoyment today.

If I am to be truthful, which I want to be and try to be,  even though my name is Serenity, I must admit that the state of serenity does not come to me naturally.  My husband and family and close friends will tell you that often I am nothing of the sort!!!  When I began my blog, I chose the name Serenity because that is what I want.   I learn, pray , counsel and read , in order that my sense of serenity grows. 

I believe that God wants us as Adult Children of Divorce, or those of us who are not, to experience a sense of well-being, wisdom and also wonder amidst and in spite of our circumstances.     As Adult Children of Divorce we become stressed as we gain new responsibilities and burdens we did not have before.  We feel overworked, as we try to care for our own families and also the needs of a parent/s and try to keep our families from falling apart completely.   As Adult Children of Divorce, we sometimes feel TOO connected to all the intertwining relationships and conflicts that spiral out of our parent's divorce. 

We , too,  need to pause and do some reflecting!!  My hope is that as I work through my issues I will give up control for contentment.   Adopt an attitude of perseverance, instead of impatience.  And remember to look ahead instead of mourning what I loved of the past.   Thanks for reading my blog. Being able to share my journey has helped me in  this quest of serenity and I hope it has helped you , not only on Saturday's , but everyday!!! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Value of A Lighter Note

Over five years have passed since I began processing my father's affair and the soon-to-follow end of my parent's 45 year marriage.  Grief was loud and dissonant as my life's sweet sound became a irritating and unpleasant ringing in my ear.  I knew as I processed grief and tried to reach out to other ACODs that we would need to leave our deep feelings of anger, depression, sadness, etc. and focus on lighter things. You and I  would need to learn to step away from the drumming of constant thoughts and emotions to hear again the music of serenity. 
  That is why I try to put a post entitled " On A Lighter Note" in my blog occasionally. A funny joke, or a light message of courage is all I can handle some days, when I need a reprieve.  Today I need that again.  It is not a cartoon, or a quote today, but today it is music. My fingers on the piano , relieving stress and listening to the harmony of sound helps soothe my re-opened wounds.  Singing at the top of my lungs in the car helps sound out my frustration. Stopping to recognize the chirp of a bird or the humming of a bee, makes me see how valuable even the most seemingly insignificant can be. Listening for God. Sometimes He speaks clearly and without denial. Lately I feel He is whispering. It requires me to be still and to be aware and waiting. 
Today , leave room in your day and in your particular issue you are struggling with , to enjoy a lighter note.  Get out that guitar and strum.  Listen to your favorite CD.  Get out and enjoy the music of laughter with a friend.  When experiencing fresh grief , or old grief, as an adult child of divorce, make time and a way to lighten your load and your soul by enjoying a lighter note!!!


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